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The Garden Shop is Lee’s SupaScapes Retail Outlet. We offer “All Things Gardening” including a wide range of plants – outdoor and indoor, seedlings, cover pots, indoor and outdoor pots – an extensive range as well as a range of paving, sleepers, log rounds, cobblestones etc. We also offer a range of gardening tools, compost, fertiliser, DIY equipment, kids gardening tools, gloves, garden décor and more…. We aim to meet every gardening need.

Our staff have been with us for many years and are passionate about gardening. Bradley Hoole, our Head Manager comes with landscaping experience and is able to offer advice to customers wanting to landscape their own gardens.

Paving & Sleepers

Find out more about our paving range, made here in South Africa by us.

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Stonehouse – The Garden Shop

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Stonehouse – Gift shop

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Stonehouse - The Café

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